Monday, March 12, 2012

Studio Opening!

Yay for our first blog entry!

So I wanna say a bit about who we are, while I'm waiting for the lacquer plastic primer to dry.The name is Fasai, and I'm the same guy that makes videos for and Nuclealosaur Painting on Facebook is me. 

Why Nuke Arts?
Okay I gotta start with a really simple reason: English isn't my first language and pronouncing words like nuclealosaur can be quite difficult. So I thought, hey! Why not come up with a name that, of all people - I, can easily pronounce!

So I talked to Dave from Dave Saunders Graphic, the guy who designed the banner and logo for me, and we thought Nuke Arts would suit the purpose - concise and it conveys the ethos of Nuclealosaur well: powerful, fast, and unique.

The purpose of Nuke Arts is to form a team of cool professional artists from various aspect of arts, be it miniature painting, motor modeling, military scale modeling, sculpting, graphic design, illustration, architecture, photography and etc. Nuke Arts is a channel where we can promote our works of art, get seen, receive more commissions, make a living out of what we love to do, and produce more cool stuff for the fans.

For those of you who haven't seen my work yet, check out

My Youtube channel - check out my latest work, and painting tutorials

Nuke Arts page - for latest photos of my work, and of our artists!

My Facebook profile - check out the albums, got a lot of WIP logs, completed commissioned projects and other stuff related to miniature painting

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