Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Studio Update: March - Dark Angels, Dreadfleet, Horde and MORE

It's that time of the month when new projects come and old projects go
So! After I settled down in Thailand for 2 months and spending 1 month buying new equipments and everything, here's what we have been working on in March

1. Dark Angles!
First up, here's a Dark Angel Land Raiders collection for Barry - 2nd batch and there's a Drop Pod coming from him soon. A lot of fun weathering this project and it made me realize that I should paint more tanks because it's so much fun..

Masking the cream-coloured parts with masking tape wasn't that fun, but the effort really paid off when the masking tape is peeled.

This project is completed and I'm waiting for the right moment to put it on youtube and upload pictures on facebook - so.... keep in touch!

2. Space Hulk Terminator Diorama
A Skill-trade project for Dave from https://www.facebook.com/DaveSaundersGraphics
Dave designed the logo for Nuke Arts and you guys should definitely check out his page - alot 
of cool designs, tattoo and photography work. 

Dave loves Ultramarines so I used one of my Space Hulk sarge and painted him to match Dave's preference... with the fragile bit cut off. 

I don't like the GW ultramarine color that much as it's too.... toy-ish. So I mixed my own color up
building up from Vallejo Deep sea blue to GW ice blue. I prefer a lighter shade so the chipping effect can be more apparent.

This project is done and the photos are on my facebook page Nuke Arts :)

3. Just another Grey Knight project...
One of many.... I got 50 terminators and a handful of Purifiers waiting to be assembled 
and the next batch coming in in April... Enough said

4. Inquisitor Lord
Not sure why I painted him.... I just wanted to haha....
For this project I used common household products leftover like a spray can's cap, milk straw, guitar string and insulating cork tile to construct the diorama.... this tells alot about my lifestyle, which consists of a lot of painting, drinking milk and whey protein, play guitar... the cork tile plays no role but yeah you got the idea!

5. Rusty Hood
I was invited to demonstrate 'chipping+rust' effect at Siam Moyim model club 
and here's the pictures of the victims

6. Dreadfleet
They're quite a handful bunch of little ships and stuff... if I were to describe this project in one single phrase: Mind Breaker!

Usually I can sit down and paint for hours without being distracted. But with these little ships, with their tiny masts and windows... 1 hour of painting usually results in a protein shake + banana break.
Did you know: protein shake and banana can cure depression (so could many other things) 

7. Scary looking base
A really awesome sculpting work from our artist: Long Hair Guy.
He will be our team's sculptor responsible for custom bases, custom parts and goodies
Will see more of his work on my facebook page once they're done

8. Infinity Nomad Army
For Nickie... done to my Tabletop B standard
Much fun to paint.

Nickie loves anything weathered and military looking. The request was "grey - weathered - military - glowing parts - rust"

The project is more or less done, will upload the finished photos soon!

9. Horde - Throne of Everblight
A really epic piece for Chris from Battlefield Bangkok 

As someone who's never done a model from Privateer Press before, I was amazed at the quality of the resin: Solid, yet really easy to cut and scrape and virtually NO bubbles (okay, some, but like... 3-4 large ones in total.... for a large model like this it's really impressive) 

Fitting for the resin parts is awesome. The resin / metal fitting requires quite a bit of pinning and putty work, but because the quality of the mould is just supreme, it didn't take me long to put this thing together at all.

The only problem is that one of the throne parts is either broken or miscasted when I opened the box, but not a problem as I will make it look like it's been damaged in the battle with the brave leopard mounted scout.


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Featured Project: Captain Pedro Kantor of the Crimson Fist
Tabletop Max Standard commission
By: Nuke (Nuclealosaur)

For more pics, please visit:

Featured Project: Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fist
Tabletop Max Standard commission
By: Nuke (Nuclealosaur)

For more pics, please visit:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Featured Project: Spacewolves vs Genestealer Diorama

Featured Project: Spacewolf Scout VS Genestealer Diorama
Display Standard Commission
By Nuke Arts (nuclealosaur)

Another fun project - this one is done as a birthday present and it was made around the same time that
Skyrim was still very hot (got to play a bit of it, quickly) so I was really inspired by the setting and especially the music - really epic

This project was done within two days - and I didn't have time to photograph any WIP pic....

Basically I made the base first in a big batch (made about 10 of them), painted both figures separately and glued them once everything is done. Sounds easy, but not really.


For more pics, please visit:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Featured Project: Ork Meganobz

Featured Project: Ork Meganobz
Display Standard commission
By: Nuke (Nuclealosaur) 

A fun but challenging project as they're all metal so I had to do a lot of filing and dry fitting.
Also there are many parts which are hard to reach.

Another challenge is the color scheme. The preference from the client is "Bad Ass and grungy", and the color preference is black.

So I spent quite a while researching and trying out different ways to paint. The hard part is figuring out how to highlight them. Normally I do extreme edge highlight and zenithal lighting, but with them being dirty the effects aren't really going together that well.

In the end I decided to use vallejo steel to highlight the edges and wash with oil paint - after weathering is done it turned out like the client ordered: Badass 


For more pics, please visit:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Studio Opening!

Yay for our first blog entry!

So I wanna say a bit about who we are, while I'm waiting for the lacquer plastic primer to dry.The name is Fasai, and I'm the same guy that makes videos for youtube.com/nuclealosaur and Nuclealosaur Painting on Facebook is me. 

Why Nuke Arts?
Okay I gotta start with a really simple reason: English isn't my first language and pronouncing words like nuclealosaur can be quite difficult. So I thought, hey! Why not come up with a name that, of all people - I, can easily pronounce!

So I talked to Dave from Dave Saunders Graphic, the guy who designed the banner and logo for me, and we thought Nuke Arts would suit the purpose - concise and it conveys the ethos of Nuclealosaur well: powerful, fast, and unique.

The purpose of Nuke Arts is to form a team of cool professional artists from various aspect of arts, be it miniature painting, motor modeling, military scale modeling, sculpting, graphic design, illustration, architecture, photography and etc. Nuke Arts is a channel where we can promote our works of art, get seen, receive more commissions, make a living out of what we love to do, and produce more cool stuff for the fans.

For those of you who haven't seen my work yet, check out

My Youtube channel - check out my latest work, and painting tutorials

Nuke Arts page - for latest photos of my work, and of our artists!

My Facebook profile - check out the albums, got a lot of WIP logs, completed commissioned projects and other stuff related to miniature painting