Miniature painting service

How to start a project?

1. Initial contact
Email me the list of your miniatures or your army list. Along with basic information such as:
- What level of painting you prefer (could attach a reference photo if you want :) 
- How many miniatures, or simply give me the army list
- Let me know of your budget, if there is any 
- Let me know if you already have the models or not (remember, free international shipping!)

2. Deposit 
I have a work schedule and a growing waiting line. 
After you have emailed me the basic information, I will get back to you with the time price, time frame, and the estimated start date for your project.

Once a deposit of 100 GBP is made to my account, I will book your project on my waiting list 

3. Order your models! 
Good news - we offer free international courier service if you order your army from us, 
and big discounts on shipping for single/regiment orders. 

We close our orders every first or second week of the month.
The price is based on GW UK web price. I will send you a total.
Once you've made the payment for the model cost, I will submit the order and will have my team 
start preparing them as soon as the waiting list is clear.

The earlier you order your models, the faster you'll receive your army!

In the case that you're sending your own models, then I will email my address to you
(you just have to print it out, glue it to the box and voila!)

There are a few things you need to know when sending you models to me

Postal service and liability: if the models are lost via transit, I will not be responsible for them. 
So please use a tracked and traced service, so we can blame the postman if things go wrong!

Import tax: even if you labelled your models as a gift, sometimes the customs will still tax them. 
If this happens, then I will take a photograph of the tax invoice and add that to the total service charge
To avoid this and reduce the shipping weight, here's what you could do: 

- Clip all parts from the sprue
- Put everything in little zip-lock bags and get rid of the original box 
- Label the parcel as a gift

Now you see why I offer free international shipping if you order your models from me...
It's just simply a lot less hassle to deal with!

4. Work work work *whip!*
After my workbench is clear and it's time for your project to begin, I will repeat the paint scheme, conversion ideas, basing theme and other details to you to make sure we're on the same page.
After the project has started, I will provide you with step-by-step progress reports each time something new happens so you don't lose touch on your project.

I keep a close and friendly communication with my clients to make sure that the work turns out the way you want. 

5. Payment 

To make it transparent and fair, here are the basic costs involved in a commission

·      - Service charge: includes painting, assembly, preparation, basing
·      - Model or extra part
·      - Postage
·      - 4.5% Paypal transaction fee
·      - Import tax, only when you send your models to me.

Once the project is completed, I will send you the invoice of the total minus the deposit (and model cost).

So usually what happens is this:

·      Deposit made
·      Model cost transferred
·      We work work work *whip! *
·      Project completed and approved by the client
·      We’ll send you the final invoice
·      Payment paid via Paypal
·      Pack and post + tracking number provided
·      The client receives their goodies, becomes happy

Painting Standards 

Let's have a look at my painting commission standard levels.
I provide 4 levels of work - each priced differently depending on the techniques used and the difficulty of the model(s).

Tabletop B standard - From 5-7 GBP for a basic infantry model.
FAST AND CHEAP are the keywords. Suitable for budget war gamers who want style over details. Models painted in this standard will be painted majorly with an airbrush.

Tabletop A standard - From 9-10 GBP for a basic infantry model.
Suitable for your tabletop wargaming need. Grimdark, glowing, realistic, we can do it. Models painted this way will have all the basic details painted, shaded, and highlight. Great for tabletop wargaming armies

Tabletop MAX standard - From 12-14 GBP for a basic infantry model and from 30 GBP for a character model. Suitable for elite models and heros: those few in your army that need more attention. Or of course, suitable for an army that you want to wow people at the game club with!

Display standard - From 50GBP for a character model.
Macro Zoom? Bring it on! This standard is painted to my best so they will look even better upon close scrutiny. Suitable for your unique collection pieces, or a centerpiece of your army. 

Prices above referred to a regular 25mm infantry, and the service includes:

- preparation
- assembly
- basing
- painting 
- minor conversion 

*2GBP for pinning and prep work for metal miniatures*

Discounts and Free stuff!
- Free paint job for the HQ/Lord of the army (1 free HQ for each 30 troopers)
- Free display base for the HQ/Lord
- Discounted international courier service if you order models from us (for a single model or regiment deals)

NOTE on import tax: We advice that you check the rate for import taxes in your country before starting a commission. We are not responsible for these costs.